Hello, I’m Stephanie Fleeton,

I am a Counsellor, Aware Parenting Instructor and Founder of Mamas Sacred Circle ™

I work with parents and children who are striving to build and nourish relationships surrounded in connection, empathy, compassion and cooperation.


My Professional Life


Master of Counselling - Currently studying

Aromatherapy Diploma Course - Currently studying

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

Diploma in Holistic Counselling

Diploma in Complementary Therapies

Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care - Stage 1

EFT for Kids Diploma

Mindfulness for Children Diploma


Professional Training:

Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring Course

Kinesiology for Kids

Anger Transformation in Parenting 

Sound Sleep and Secure Attachment

Making Friends With Children's Feelings

Power and Powerlessness in Parenting

Aromatherapy for Natural Living


Professional Experience:

Family Day Care Educator - successfully run for 2 years

Counsellor and Coach - self-employed



Certified Aware Parenting Instructor

Certified Level I FasterEFT Practitioner


My Personal Life

From a young age I have always wanted to help people overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. By the end of High School, I had decided that I wanted to study psychology. So I packed my bags, moved out of home and spent the next 4 years studying at University.

As a self-declared knowledge junkie and book worm, I wanted to know more. So I continued my studies in areas of holistic counselling and natural therapies.

When I became pregnant with my first son, I realised how much I loved parenting, babies and children. My passion to form deep and connected relationships between parent and child grew.  It was at this juncture my business as a complementary therapist veered more into parenting and children.

My passion to help others – particularly parents and children – has resulted in me coming out of my introverted shell.

I love reading, writing, yoga and bushwalking.

I love challenging myself. I believe the best growth and evolution comes from the hard and painful moments in our lives.

I love making a difference and changing the world. Three years ago I made a commit to make regular donations to a charity that sang to my heart; Pencils of Promise.

I love my family. I love my husband, who has always supported and accepted me and my passions. I love my children who are my greatest teachers for growth and living in the moment. 

Welcome, I am so glad to share this journey with you xx