I am a Certified Aware Parenting Instructor under Developmental Psychologist, Aletha Solter PhD.

One of the services I offer is Aware Parenting consults with parents and children. These are one-on-one and can be done in person or via Skype. My passion is Aware Parenting and it has truly helped me not only to form really strong connections with my own children but also enhanced my skills as a Counsellor and human being.

If you've read my Blog you will have gained some sense of knowledge on what Aware Parenting is. Even though sometimes I have not often mentioned the term the principles and philosophies or Aware Parenting are embedded in all of my articles.

Aware Parenting is all about allowing your child to be who they are born to be. It is not merely a form of parenting, but also a way of life. A life where connection, compassion, empathy and cooperation are at the forefront.

If you are interested in chatting to me about how Aware Parenting can help your family and life please contact me here.