Nourish Yourself to a Stress-Free Life Part 2

Last week we discussed how much stress effects our lives, and that it is the leading cause of most diseases and illnesses. In order to overcome our stress, I outlined how we can nourish ourselves in a holistic manner to start living a stress-free life now. We have already seen how we can nourish our Physical and Mental bodies, so now let’s take a look at Emotional and Spiritual Nourishment.


Emotional Nourishment

Many of us confuse thoughts with emotions/feelings. When we are asked “How are you feeling?” we more often than not answer “good.” Well “good” is not a feeling, it is a thought or in my case an automatic response. Emotions that are examples of how this question can be answered are happy, sad, depressed, excited, concerned, annoyed or ecstatic. So here is a challenge for you that I have set for myself. Next time someone asks you that question, tune into how you are feeling in that moment and respond with the appropriate emotion. Not only will you be in the present but you will also become more aware of your feelings, which often get neglected.

A taboo subject is our society is crying. Are there times you really just want a big cry, but feel afraid at showing your emotions? I know I’m one of them. Growing up I found myself always holding back my emotions, putting on my “straight-faced” mask. However, crying is very beneficial and a significant component of our emotional health. Biochemists have studied the components of emotional tears and they contain the stress hormone cortisol. Therefore, when we cry we are shedding the body of stress hormones. When we keep our emotions inside, squash them down and repress them we are only building up more stress hormones in our body. This has detrimental affects to all of our body systems and overall wellbeing. So my advise (and something I am living by right now) is when you feel like crying whether it is for sadness, joy, happiness or grief then just go for it. Your emotional health is more important, than what people may think of your crying. Nourish and honour your emotions through acknowledging, accepting and releasing them.

All of our problems stem from unreleased emotions from our past, therefore it is extremely crucial to release that emotional charge so you can live a happy, stress-free life. Often we let our emotional past control us, our actions, how we respond to others and situations which results in feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. Helping people release these pent up emotions and is something that I am passionate about and do in my coaching sessions. If you would like to know more about this Contact me or Book a Session.


Spiritual Nourishment

Spiritual nourishment does not necessarily mean becoming religious or incorporating religious practices into your life. We are souls inhabiting human bodies; our very essence is spirit. Nourishing our spiritual selves can be as simple as having faith and believing in a higher power, any personal belief, and trusting in yourself and the Universe.

Our spirit shows itself and can be nourished through creativity (painting, drawing, dance, new ideas, etc); living in the present (common theme in all four bodies); taking time out in nature; practicing unconditional love for every being on Earth; following your dreams; expressing gratitude; balanced aura, chakras, and meridians; spiritual communication; and giving without expecting anything in return.

For me I maintain my energetic (aura, chakra, meridian) balance when I am meditating by tuning into each layer of my aura and each of my chakras. I also practice gratitude every day. Some people practice this at night, others in the morning or whenever you remember (which is better than not at all). I also strive to treat everyone with unconditional love. Sometimes this can be challenging when others’ beliefs differ from our own or they do something that is not in alignment with our values. However, at the end of the day always remind yourself that we are all on our individual journeys, at different stages of spiritual development and focusing on different lessons. Remembering this allows us to stay true to ourselves, see the oneness of the Universe and show empathy and understanding to others. 


As you may have noticed when reading about all the different forms of nourishment we can utilise for our four bodies; they are all intertwined. What affects one body will affect the others. That is why a holistic approach to nourishing ourselves in vital to our overall wellbeing, health and living a stress-free life. By only focusing on one or two we are depriving ourselves of the opportunity to live a full and wholesome life.


Much Gratitude,