Learn a Technique I Use in My Coaching Sessions

If you've checked out my About page you'll notice I have a few qualifications such as Reiki, Holistic Counselling, Colour Thearpy, etc which I have learnt over the years and use on my clients. However, while all of these are amazing and effective at healing it wasn't until I was introduced to Faster EFT that I discovered the most powerful healing technique on the planet. 

I came across Faster EFT when I was pregnant and found out that my Mum and her Mum had problems with breastfeeding and neither of them were able to do it past 6 weeks. Well, the possibility of the happening to me wasn't good enough. I wanted to breastfeed and I was/am aiming for 2 years. So, like most human beings I developed a fear based on the experience of my family members. Instead of running for the hills or giving up that it was inevitable I decided to take a proactive approach. 

I talked to one of my dear friends who also happens to be extremely intuitive and psychic and she suggested I see a Theta Healer. I then did what everyone of this generation does; I googled Theta Healers in my area. Bingo! I found one, contacted her and talked to her about what I wanted to release. She told me that Faster EFT would be much better and I took her word for it. After a 60 minute session my fear was gone, has never come back and I've hit the 18 month mark of breastfeeding. Massive happy dance.

For this post I have decided to record my first ever video and show you one of the techniques from Faster EFT that you can do from home on yourself. It is a really powerful tool to use in the heat of the moment for example if you find yourself feeling afraid, anxious, angry or have a migraine as only a few examples of the many things that Faster EFT can heal.

As I mention in the video many of our problems are deep rooted so for those issues seeing a qualified practitioner is advisable. Always consult your health care professional if you have any concerns.

If you found this video helpful, if you've used this technique before or if you would like to know more please leave a comment below.

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Love & Gratitude,