Are Your Emotions Causing Your Physical Problems?

I've believed for a long time that unreleased emotions are the cause of most, if not all of our problems. I watched a wonderful documentary awhile ago called E-motion - one which I recommend that everyone should watch. In this movie they state that the word "emotion" comes from "Energy Motion" meaning that are emotions are energy that is in motion. Our emotions are living energy which affects the way we feel mentally, spiritually, emotionally as well as physically. 

Many may think that emotions being the cause of our physical problems is a bit woo-woo but when you understand how emotions work and also how the physical body works it becomes common sense. It has also been scientifically proven that unreleased emotions effect all aspects of our lives.

To give you a specific example that many people experience let's look at migraines and headaches. If you've had medical tests that show there is nothing wrong and you've tried everything and nothing appears to work, I recommend taking a look at Louise Hay's Heal Your Body or Inna Segal's The Secret Language of Your Body. Both these books give you a glimpse into the emotional cause of our problems. For example with migraines according to Inna may be caused by "control, pressure, seriousness, perfectionism. Overcommitting yourself. Great need for love and approval. Ignoring your own needs. Putting other people before you. Extreme guilt and anxiety. Conflict with self and other people. Self-punishment. Feeling angry and annoyed with others. Saying 'You are giving me a headache.'"

So how can this knowledge help you overcome your physical ailments? If you watched my video from last week, you can use this same technique to tap away the negatives/what you don't want and tap in the positive affirmations/what you do want. The results of doing something so simple are amazing. I have had clients with migraines, cluster headaches, colds, skin rashes, liver problems, back pain and a range of other conditions. Many people may wonder how can Faster EFT tapping help my physical problem? Well if you've been paying attention it is because you have unreleased emotions that may be causing and exacerbating the problem.

To give you another example a client (for the sake of this article we'll call her Jane) had been feeling very "yucky" for over a month. She had gone to the doctors, and had many tests done. Jane had a fear that it could be cancer (as her parents had both recently passed away from cancer) so we tapped away her fear of hearing that she had cancer. Finally, they came back with results and when she went to the doctors she had no fear of it being cancer. Good news is that there was no cancer. However, there was something wrong with her liver and they needed to run a few more tests. They told her to not rule out the possibility that it may be hepatitis. Naturally, she became scared of what it could be. The test they ran on her liver showed extremely high numbers well outside the normal range and the only explanation they could give her was that some unknown virus had decided to attack her liver. There was nothing that could do for her.

Jane came back to see me and we looked up emotions associated with liver problems. It turns out that her estranged brother had recently come back into her life and she felt very resentful. Resentment is an emotion associated with disease and imbalances of the liver. So we tapped away all the negative feelings she felt toward her brother. The next morning Jane woke up and felt better than she had in the last two months. Upon going back to the doctors a few days later, it was revealed that her liver count had dramatically decreased back to within normal ranges. The doctors are still baffled by what caused it and how it disappeared so quickly. 

It is always important to consult your health care professional before commencing with something new or varying your current treatment. However, if all else has failed or you want to try something a little different, look within yourself and consult Louise Hay's or Inna Segal's books to see if there is a possible emotional cause to your physical symptoms. 

Leave a comment below I would love to hear if you have looked into the emotional cause of your problems in the past and what you discovered or whether you have tried Faster EFT and the results you have gotten.

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