Base Chakra - Getting to the root of your body's energy system

Has your motivation and energy been feeling low? Have you been feeling insecure, angry or hyperactive? All of these issues are linked to the Base (or Root) Chakra within or body’s energy system. Other imbalances can include being more materialistic, greedy, overly concerned with physical survival, not feeling grounded, violence, domineering and purposelessness. So, if you are experiencing any of these (with no known medical condition) what can you do?

The Legend

Ancient Tantric scripts tell of a female energy known as Shakti and a male energy known as Shiva. These two consciousnesses lived as one in the Sahasrara lotus (better known as the Crown Chakra); until Shakti was separated from Shiva as a result of the manifestation of creation. It is said that where Shakti’s footsteps lay, there grew six lotus flowers; this is where the chakras were born. According to legend, the energy of Shakti is said to now reside in the base chakra; where it is often referred to as the Kundalini. Here she lies asleep in the image of a serpent, waiting to be awakened by Shiva; and when this happens they will once again be as one.

The Low Down on the Base Chakra

Hindu Name: Muladhara – mula meaning root and adhara meaning support

Located: at the perineum and coccyx bone

Physical body organs: testicles, coccyx, pubic bone, legs, feet, spine, blood, urethra, anus, colon, bones, male reproductive organs

Colour: Red

Element: Earth

Mantra: Lam

Sound: “uh” and “eh”


Survival                               Abundance                         Physical Energy

Strength                              Ambition                             Motivation

Success                               Security                               Belonging

Grounded                           Instincts                              Career

Materialism                        Courage                              Patience              

Athletic                               Money                                Connection with earth/nature

Stability                             Pride                                   Safety

Rebalance and Re-energise

If your Base Chakra is out of balance, there are plenty of ways that you can bring it back into alignment. Incorporating more red foods into your diet such as cranberries, strawberries, red capsicum and tomatoes is an easy and nutritious way to rebalance. Wearing shades of red, particularly clothing that touches your skin follows the properties of colour therapy. Partaking in more exercise and physical activity, spending time in nature, gardening, grounding meditations and practicing patience are also very effective in re-balancing the Base Chakra. These activities are more focused on increasing the energy flow in this chakra if your Base Chakra is underactive. Underactivity can be demonstrated in characteristics such as lack of physical exercise and energy, lack of safety and low motivation as examples.

If your Base Chakra is overactive you will be more likely to display anger, frustration, and annoyance and have a tendency toward over-materialism. In these cases it would be more prudent to reduce the amount of red and other activities designed to energise this chakra. 

Although connecting with nature will always help no matter the cause of the imbalance. So try meditating under a tree, walking barefoot through the grass and breathing in the fresh air.

Love and Gratitude.