De-Stress With Nature

I don’t know about you, but I find having a busy lifestyle can often leave us feeling un-grounded, vague, stressed and with a feeling a floating off into the clouds. Most of us are so busy with work, trying to be healthy, exercising, looking after a family, studying and just trying to fit everything on our “To Do List” into what seems like only a few hours in a day, that we forget to look after ourselves. This high strung life and lack of self-love can lead to stress, dis-ease and a whole range of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical upsets. 

What we need is to regain our sense of self; to feel grounded again so that we continue on with more energy, love and vitality. Thankfully, nature is there to help us achieve this feeling of being grounded and in the present.

Numerous studies have been done on the consciousness of plants, with very revealing and interesting results. When plants are hooked up to an EEG they exhibit the same brainwave patterns as humans.

In these experiments when a plant was threatened or another life form near them was threatened they would “freak out” exactly like you or I would. When a plant was sent loving thoughts, it immediately calmed down and had a steady EEG pattern. Using this same method it was also shown that plants form attachments to those that care for them and even show noticeable responses on an EEG when this person came home; even if that person changed their mind at the last minute as to when they were going to go home! (David Wilcock The Source Field Investigations).

Plants and trees have so much life-giving, loving, stable and grounding energy which many do not realise and take for granted. It is very easy to tune into the energy of plants. A simple exercise is to position yourself near a plant or tree and bring your awareness into your body (you can close your eyes); see or feel a bright light; now expand that light so it encompasses your body; expand it even further until this light (your awareness) surrounds the plant and you can begin to feel the plants life-giving and loving energy. I remember driving through the country side and tuning into the energy of all the trees we past as we drove. They have such a beautiful and grounding energy, you can even hear them sing and see their auras.

Another simple exercise that you can do when you are feeling stressed or have high emotions running through you is to find a nice tree you resonate with. Sit back and lean against the trunk of the tree; tune into the trees energy (the same way as mentioned above); allow your own feet to grow roots into the earth (through visualisation, feeling or sensing); let all the stresses and worries flow down into the earth where it will be transmuted into something positive; then bring your awareness back to the tree and feel its grounding and stable energy flow through you. This exercise can take as little as five minutes to hours depending how long you feel like sitting there. At the very least 5 minutes out of your day to re-ground yourself is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and will benefit you and the tree (they appreciate the love and gratitude that comes from being useful) immensely.

So next time you are out walking in nature remember that the trees/plants have feelings and consciousness as well. 
We are all here to help each other, so be grateful and appreciative to the beautiful natural world that surrounds you; and in return you will feel more grounded, energised and at peace.

Love and gratitude.