Choosing Faith When the Fear Rolls In

Are you one of those people that thinks of your glass as half full; believe that the Universe has your back; everything will turn out just fine; and everything happens for a reason? Well, I like to consider myself as one of those people, and for the most part that’s where my belief system lies.


However, just yesterday I was issued a 30day notice to vacate our cosy little cottage because the property has been sold. So, now we have to find somewhere to live in the next 30 days (well 29 days now) that is suitable to our need. Preferably with 3 bedrooms, a decent size yard for our dog and within our affordability range.


Now when this happened I was in a high vibrational place, believed everything was possible, found a place that suited us perfectly and was floating on clouds at the next stage of lives. Then I get a phone call telling me that they have a no pet policy.


From the moment I heard those words I saw the s*%t storm of fear roll in. The thoughts of “Oh no we’re going to be homeless, where will we live, there is nothing else out there, screw you.” Not my finest moment, but I’m human and I’m being raw and authentic here. One part of me (commonly referred to the Ego) is sitting here in a woe-is-me, nothing every works out mood. Then there is the real part of me saying “Has the Universe ever let you down before, you KNOW things always turn out how their meant to, have faith, have patience and everything you need will come to you at the right moment.”


Just before sitting down to write this I was frantically tapping on myself. I’m tapping out my feelings of fear, disappointment, betrayal, anger, etc. Then I tapped in positive affirmations of living in the perfect place, the move is smooth and everything has worked out.

I feel so much better, and I’ve gone back online to look at prospective rental properties, lining up a few inspections for tomorrow. I know that I will be led to the perfect place for our needs. I just need to be patient, listen and follow the guidance.

Being a super organised person, I’ve also filled out the application forms and copied all the supporting documents for the places I feel are most promising.


If you have been in this place or if it ever pops up in the future I offer you this advice; take a few deeps breaths, centre yourself and ground yourself. To do this you can visualise roots growing out of the bottom of your feet and extending down into the Earth. Feel the nurturing, loving energy of Mother Nature. You may also like to take a walk in nature or lean against a tree.


I’m a certified FasterEFT practitioner and this is the tapping I was doing. I am going to do a vlog (my first ever) and post it within the week showing you how you can tap away your negative feelings in the comfort of your own home.


Once you have centred yourself, tapped away the negative emotions, you can them start saying some positive affirmations like the following:



·      I completely trust and flow with the process of life, everything I need, will be given to me.

·      My life is abundant and free flowing; I am guided to the answers I seek with love and compassion.


Love and Gratitude,