How My Day With Gabrielle Bernstein Reminded Me "The Universe ALWAYS Has Your Back"


Each and everyone of us are on our own journeys, experiencing different events and circumstances and at times trying to see through all the fog. It is in these moments where we are surrounded by a fog of fear that we feel alone, afraid, scared and powerless about where we go from here or who can possibly help us out of this mess. I have been in this place, so have all of us but for most of us we have found our way back to the light...with a little help from our friends.

Now I'm going to be completely honest and say I am a control freak. It is a constant struggle as I learn to surrender, release control and go with the flow. I attempt to control everything! If you read my blog post on where I truly surrendered when I gave birth you already know this. However, each and everyday I make it a practice from moment to moment to surrender. If we are always trying to control everything how can the Universe come in and offer assistance? I have to say from experience that trying to control everything feels unnatural and you only realise this when you have those moments of complete surrender. 

I have always believed in a Higher Power, I refer to it as Universe. You can call it whatever you like Higher Self, God, Angels whatever resonates most with you. One of the clearest memories I remember where I was reminded that the Universe always has your back was when I was studying and working part time. I had received a letter from Centrelink informing me that I owed them over $2000 as they had overpaid me my Austudy payments. I was already struggling financially and to get this letter was a massive blow. I remember sitting in my car and crying. I cried and prayed to the Universe to help me out because I couldn't do this on my own. It was at that moment my phone rang, it was my Mum and she immediately picked up on the tone in my voice and told me something was wrong. She told me not to worry and it would all work out. The next day I checked my bank account and there was $2000 staring me in the face. I quickly rang my Mum and she informed me that my Nan had given me the money. I burst into tears again at her generosity and kindness, and told her I couldn't accept that amount of money form her. Nan told me that, that is what family is for to help each other out always. 

Many people assume that when you ask the Universe for help that the Earth will shake, the angels will come down from the heavens and there will be sunshine and rainbows. What most of us don't realise is that the Universe works through others and in general it is more subtle. That day my Nan paid my debt I knew the Universe had my back.

Fast forward to August 2014; I had just discovered the beautiful Gabby Bernstein through a Global Meditation that she presented along with Deepak Chopra. I was committed to the message they were sending about meditating for world peace that I got up at 2am to meditate along with them. After this event I looked into Gabby's work, read some of her books and followed her on youtube. I deeply resonated with her message and the light she was bringing forth. I then found out she was coming to Australia in January 2015 and I knew I would be there sitting in the audience at her Sydney workshop. The only thing is I didn't know how. 

I have been a Stay At Home Mum for almost 2 years and have only just now really gotten my website and international Coaching business up and running. Prior to that I was working full-time in wellness centres and seeing local clients on the side. So for the past 2 years my family has only been living on one income. Up until September we were living in a lovely cottage on a large property paying cheap rent and no electricity. We were then notified that the owners were selling the property and the local Council no longer approved our cosy cottage as habitable. So we had to move back into town where rent was more expensive and we were required to pay gas and electricity. For those of you who rent and have moved you know you need to pay a Bond and moving fees. So that basically wiped out our savings, maxed our credit card and our car broke down beyond repair and we needed a new one. Since then our bills have flooded in the door and all our saving have flown out the window.

Through all of this though I still knew I would be seeing Gabby in Sydney. So I put it out to the Universe to find me a way. I entered a few competitions to no avail. Then last Wednesday with 3 days before Gabby was speaking in Sydney I received an email from Earth Events saying that they were gifting me with 2 tickets to see Gabby and my toddler was more then welcome to come along. I have to say I don't think I have cried that much and that hard in a long time. The gratitude and appreciation I felt to every single being that helped make my desire a reality completely and utterly floored me; I was blown away. 

That day in Sydney with all the other Spirit Junkies sitting there with Gabrielle Bernstein was truly inspiring, amazing and an experience I will cherish forever. Everything that Gabby talked about and the meditations we went through just added more fuel to my fire. "The Universe ALWAYS has your back." Even in those scary moments where you're diagnosed with cancer, injured, lost your job, your partner walked out on you. The Universe Always Has Your Back. Everything happens for a reason, and that is something I truly believe. I remember when a lovely lady stood up and said they had found cysts that may be pre-cancerous and Gabby said "this cancer will save you." When we change our perception of the world from fear to love, and surrender we are saved. We are saved from ourselves, our fears, our ego. How many times do you here of people who have miraculously recovered from terminal illnesses? In my blog post I wrote a few months ago I mentioned that our emotions are the cause of our physical problems. It is the Universe's final way of saying "change your perception, change your life." 

If you're stuck, fearful and afraid, as Gabby says "get on your knees and pray." To surrender  and wait for your answer from the Universe. It may be through meditation, it may be through the act of someone else. However you receive it be open to all possibilities because the Universe is always there to hear your call and to answer.

When in your life have you felt that all was lost and something miraculous happened? What do you do to keep this mindset that the Universe always has your back? I would love to hear about your experiences so please leave a comment below.

"I am grateful in this moment." - Gabrielle Bernstein

Love & Gratitude,