How To Achieve Your Goals in 2015

Are you one of those people who at the beginning of every year writes a list of goals or resolutions you would like to accomplish for that year, only to throw it out the window after a month or even a week? Well, then keep reading because this article may have some small gems to keep you going this year. If you're a person who achieves your goals every year then you may find some helpful little hints you hadn't thought of to help you on your way.

Our Biggest Goals

Some of the biggest goals people have over and over again, year after year is to quit smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, exercise, find a romantic partner and to be happier. How many of you have had one or more of these goals? How many of you are yet to achieve them? You are not alone, many people reach the end of the year and feel both disheartened at having not accomplished what they had planned for the year, as well as hopeful that the new year will be "THE ONE" where all your dreams come true.

Why Do We Fail?

So why do you or someone you know fail miserably every year and end up feeling horrible about it? One of the main reasons is because deep down you know you don't want to. For example if you have the goal this year to quit smoking, if you don't really want to, then of course it ain't gonna happen. Another reason we don't follow through is because we feel afraid, scared, we live in fear. Live in fear of what? Well let's see:

  • Fear of failure - I can't do this it is way too hard
  • Fear of success - How will others see me?
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of loss of identity - Who will I be?

How To Succeed

  • Baby Steps

If you are a person that falls into any of these categories to get you on the achievement "woo-hoo I did it" bandwagon let's start with some goals you feel really excited about. Goals that you can see your self following through with. Once you start making changes in certain areas of your life, you may be drawn to make changes in other areas as well. If yearly goals freak you out you could also break it down. Say you want to quit smoking you could focus on the month of January or go week by week. At the end of every week or month check in with yourself see how you're feeling.

  • Accountability & Support

To hold yourself accountable you can bring a buddy or two along for the ride or shout it out on social media. Surround yourself with others who want to accomplish the same goals as you, that way you can share your stories, experiences, successes and failures. When you are supported by others you lay a solid foundation for achieving your goals

  • Tap Out the Resistance

This follows the principles and protocols of FasterEFT that I mentioned in my Intro To FasterEFT blog. So head on over and tap along with me. Anytime you experience any sort of resistance or "weakness" follow the FasterEFT tapping and "let it go." For example if you want to lose weight by eating no processed foods and you're in the supermarket and the chocolate is calling your name; TAP IT OUT! Release and let it go, and then move on.

Other Things to Remember

The most important thing is to not be hard on yourself if you stumble and fall. We are still human after all. If this happens just "get back in the saddle" as they say. If you find you're beating yourself up, you can tap that out as well. Be patient and gentle with yourself, just as you would a child. You CAN do this, we all possess one of the greatest powers in the world and that is...the POWER TO CHOOSE! You have the power in this very moment to choose to continue achieving your goals and you have the power to choose to throw it all away. At the end of the day all the tips in the blog can do is accompany you, you are the one driving the bus and making the turns. So let's make 2015 the year of positive turns towards your goals and dreams.

My 2015 Goals

  • Complete a 30 day squat challenge - already up to day 9 and my thighs are feeling the burn
  • Become an Aware Parenting Instructor
  • Be present and grateful everyday
  • Buy some land and build a house in QLD

Do you already have your list of goals for 2015? If so leave a comment below and let our community know (they will hold you accountable). Do you struggle to follow through? Leave a comment and let me know in what areas. We can support each other to a happy, loving and prosperous year ahead.

Love & Gratitude,