Why My Super Power Was My Downfall: How Pen & Paper Saved My Life

Prior to September 2015, I would have liked to have said my life was organised with minimal stress. To an outsider it probably looked like I was the most organised person on the planet – I can thank being a Virgo for that trait. However, underneath the calm, collected and organised exterior my mind was a complete and chaotic shamble. You see if I had to name a Superpower I have, it would be my memory. I’m not sure if it would be classed as a photographic memory, but it would come close. Now with every Superpower comes a weakness. My particular weakness was to memorise every detail of my life. From my credit card number, mine and my husband’s tax file numbers to my to do lists and pretty much every street name in northern ACT. I will mention I do not do this intentionally. I don’t lie in a foetal position on the floor trying to commit to memory every single detail, for me it happens automatically.  

As I felt my memory was sufficient to remember everything I had to do every day of every week or every month I never wrote anything down. I am an internal list maker. This strength became my greatest and most stressful weakness and it came to a complete “shit hit the fan” moment last year. I run my own business, family day care and I am a Mum. Even if you are one of those things, or none of those things please do not make my mistake of keeping it all in your mind. Seriously, it will destroy you from the inside out.

My life changed in September last year when my sister-in-law invited me along to a Kikki-K planning workshop. That evening I purchased a beautiful Planner, To Do List notepad and Weekly planning notepad. I had never done anything like this before. So I took baby steps. I started by writing appointments and events in the calendar. I wrote daily to do list and from there I moved onto writing down my finances (yes, I even stored these in my mind too!) and journaling. I have done some journaling in the past, however this was also the taking off of my nightly journal session before bed.


Here is the important lessons I have learnt:


  • When we write things down we remove it from our head, meaning that our mind is clearer to focus on other things. The most important of those being the present moment. It relieves the stress and pressure of having too much going on in our heads.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for following through with our to do list and goals.
  • You’re entire life comes into sync which means you live a happier and stress free life.
  • The art of writing activates neural pathways in our brain, which invokes our creativity.
  • It allows us to connect with ourselves, tune in to what we are really needing and feeling.
  • We can schedule in non-negotiable “me time” in order to re-charge and serve our families better.


I can say without a doubt that using a Planner and organising my life in the written format has changed my life not only as an Entrepreneur and Mum, but also as a person living in the modern world.

I love my Kikki-K planner however, I must admit I have moved on to another model – so to speak. I have followed Danielle LaPorte and read her books, so I had to jump at the opportunity to grab her Limited Edition Version of her 2016 Planner and Journal. If you’re soul-centred and would like your goals driven by your “Core Desired Feelings.” I suggest you take a look at this incredible woman’s work here. I also branched out and also purchased Leonie Dawson’s “2016 Create Your Shining Year In Life” and “2016 Create Your Shining Year In Biz” in order to ensure my year is inspiring, connected and in alignment with all my goals and intentions.

If you have yet to dabble in Planners and organising your life on paper I suggest you make it all the more special by getting a Planner that really resonates with you. There are heaps out there and other business owners have written blog posts on this subject, so just Google away.

If you are an experienced Planner Organiser I would love to hear what Planner you use and what you most love about Planning. Leave a comment below.

Much Gratitude,