Our Children Are Our Greatest Teachers

We often think that it is our “job” to teach our children. To a certain extent it is. We need to teach them how to survive in this world. However, few of us realise that children can teach us…a freaking lot. This is something I know from knowledge I have gained and also personal experience with my own child and the children in my day care. I can say without even a slither of a doubt that the greatest teachers in my life – past and present – are the children that have crossed my path.


Children have the wonderful ability to bring everything within us to the surface. Things we have left buried deep, deep down since our own childhood. Feelings such as powerlessness, hopelessness, fear and anger that we felt growing up from our own parents, schoolteachers and even bullies. We are at the whim, the mercy of all the adults in our life, telling us what to do and what not to do. Now with our children we have those same feelings of powerlessness as we battle through sleeplessness nights, toilet training and uncooperative behaviours.


There is a saying, which, I am sure you are familiar with “better out than in.” Well it is an excellent saying when applied to emotions as well. When we bury our emotions from all the past traumas and experiences of our lives it can develop into depression, anxiety, violence and even physical illness. Yes, you read right – your past emotional traumas where you have not released the emotions can be causing your physical illness. Why? Science has proven that 75% of all illnesses are caused by emotional stress. This is why it is so so so important for us to release our emotions as they arise instead of throwing them under the rug or digging a 10 metre hole to bury them.


Let’s come full circle; we have just learnt that children have the amazing (and at times exasperating) ability to bring to the surface all of our emotional junk and closet skeletons. They can make us feel small – hair pulling out, why are you doing this to me small. In doing so they are our greatest teacher, and our greatest healer if we are open to the opportunity to heal. By pressing all our buttons and reawakening long lost emotions, children are giving us the opportunity to heal from our past emotional traumas. Here are some tips to get you started:


How To Release Your Emotions

  • Feel the emotion for 90 seconds and feel it disappear – this I learnt from Gabrielle Bernstein
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – head on over to youTube and search for videos (there are plenty). Also check out www.thetappingsolution.com. This technique is the best tool to use for deep-seated emotional turmoil.
  • Meditate – there are so many meditations out there from guided meditations, breathing, Zen. My advice if you’re new to meditation is to focus on your breath and just be fully present in your body. Get accustomed to the feelings that arise. If you would like to try something a little different feel/see/sense the emotion in question i.e. anger. Set the intention that all the anger in your body is accumulating in your hands and feet. Release these balls and send them to the Universe. Then visualise healing and renewing bright white light entering through the top of your head and cascading down through your body and around your body. Renewing you and cleansing you. The most important thing to remember when meditating is there is no right or wrong way, there is no proper time. Do what feels best for you.
  • Pray – if you feel so inclined, pray for your emotions that no longer serve you to be released. Pray to whoever you believe in Angels, God, Universe, Higher Power, etc.
  • Cry – as I have mentioned in previous blogs. Our tears contain stress hormones (scientifically proven). So when we cry we are physically releasing stress from our body. Talk to a good friend and let the tears flow, watch a sad movie or just remember the memory that has invoked these emotions and grab the tissues.
  • Rage – in a constructive way of course. When we feel anger or our children are having tantrums we tend to do the socially responsible thing and stop. In the long run however, this is one of the causes of violence – repressed anger that is not released constructively. So if you feel anger or your child is having a tantrum allow them and yourself to feel those emotions. Release them by screaming into a pillow, stomping your feet or punching a rag doll. This releases the emotional charge and the anger will completely disperse.


Children are free-spirited, carefree and full of so much more life and energy than an entire building of adults – at the very least.  They are childlike, full of wonder and curiosity, imaginative, creative, authentic, and real. If we allow our children to lead us into their world – at least for a few moments every day – where we can experience things through their eyes we will lead a very magical and loving life. We need to give permission to our children and ourselves to lead more authentic and loving lives. One thing you can do is to ask your baby/child every morning “What am I going to learn from you today?” Thoughts and words are energy, so on some level they will definitely understand you. Let them take you for the most exciting and fulfilling ride of your life. Allow them to heal you. Permit them to be your greatest teacher.


I invite you to take at least one thing away from this blog post and apply it to your life. Please leave a comment below (on my blog) and let me know how you go.

Much Gratitude,

Steph xx