These monthly spotlights are to share with you the amazing power of these beautiful essential oils. However, instead of merely looking up what benefits they have and writing about it, I will be sharing how each oil has personally affected me and my family. I invite you to come on this journey of discovery with me. Let’s dive in!


This past month I have dealt with many challenges, especially regarding the health of my youngest son. We’ve had to endure a midnight hospital trip, several blood tests and a few medical professionals. All of which have left both of us feeling drained, overwhelmed and traumatised. While all of this was happening, I just felt my love, my heart and all my energy pouring into my son to help him get better, help him to heal and help him to release all the emotions and trauma. At the same time, I was needing these things too, and I did receive them from family and friends. However, I also turned to my essential oils.


I turned to one of my favourite essential oils, and my favourite scent that I have loved for my entire life. That oil is Rose. Growing up I spend pretty much every morning and afternoon at my grandparents’ house. They lived on a few acres and my Pop was a passionate gardener. His gardens were the type you would walk through publically, like the Botanic Gardens. At one point he did open them up to the public, but soon it was just a sanctuary for his family to find peace, and play. The smell of roses and other floral scents would always greet me, and I think this is why I love Rose Essential Oil so much, because it reminds me of my happy childhood, and spending time with my Pop his gardens.


For me when I smell roses or rose essential oil, I immediately feel supported, nurtured and loved. This is probably the main reason people’s choice of flowers to loved ones are roses. Unfortunately I don’t have roses in my garden, and I share my Pop’s opinion that roses belong in the garden, not in a vase. Thankfully, not long ago I purchased myself some Rose Essential Oil, which I use as a perfume, and also to inhale when you just need that love and warmth to surround you during the hard times.


Rose essential oil is known as the highest vibrational essential oil available, and has the ability to balance all of your chakras in mere moments. Pretty amazing stuff right?! So for the past few weeks I have been applying it to my chest, over my heart area in order to help me receive that loving energy, so I can give more loving energy to both my children and family.



Emotionally uplifting

Assists in helping balance moisture levels on the skin

Reduces appearance of skin imperfections

Evokes feelings of love, compassion, healing, acceptance and empathy

It is the Oil of Divine Love


Have you tried Rose? If yes, share with me in the comments below your experiences. If no, and you would love to get your hands on this little bottle of liquid love send me a message.


Love & Gratitude,

Steph xx



I am not a medical practitioner and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe in any shape, manner or form. Always discuss with your health provider before using essential oils. All information, content and product descriptions contained within this site are for reference purposes and my personal stories and are not intended to substitute advice given by your personal health professional.