Welcome Beautiful Mama,


Mamas Sacred Circle™ is an idea that came to me 2 years ago (in 2015).

When I became a Mum (almost 5 years ago), I struggled to find a place where I felt safe enough to open up and release all my struggles, feelings and challenges.

I went along to numerous mothers groups in my local area, but I always left feeling on the outs, due to my parenting choices.

I discovered that judgment ran rife and deep in some of these groups, as well-meaning Mums' spoke over those with a different opinion or philosophy. Not just in parenting, but in life as well.

I began to ponder how wonderful it would be if there was a support group where Mamas could feel safe, supported and unconditionally accepted. No matter what their parenting choices and philosophy.

It was here that the epiphany hit me, and not to be too cliche, but it did feel like one of those thunderbolt moments. 

This is where Mamas Sacred Circle™ was born.


Mamas Sacred Circle™ VALUES:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Acceptance
  • Sacred Listening
  • Empowerment
  • Nurture


Mamas Sacred Circle™ MISSION:

Mamas Sacred Circle™ has a mission, a mission we would like you to be a part of.

Imagine a sacred place where you can gather with other Mamas.

A place where you will be accepted, empowered and nurtured.

A place where you will be given unconditional compassion, empathy and sacred listening.

A place where you can be 100% YOU and not who everyone else needs you to be at any given moment.

A place where you can offload all your struggles, feelings and challenges.

A place where you will be safe and supported.

This is the very essence of Mamas Sacred Circle™

Our mission, is to provide all of this for you, lovely Mama.

Whether you have had it up to your eyeballs with a screaming toddler.

Whether you are so sleep deprived you are walking around like a zombie.

Whether you fell like your teen is giving you attitude.

Whether you feel like your spouse doesn't listen to you.

No matter what you are going through in your life; the challenges and lows of motherhood.

We will be there to support, listen and nurture you.

No matter what you are going through in life; the joys and highs of motherhood.

We will be there to celebrate you.

We are Mamas Sacred Circle™ and we are here for YOU.


Where Can I Find Mamas Sacred Circle™:

LOCAL: If you are located in Toowoomba QLD you can attend our beautiful and nurturing Mamas Sacred Circle™ 

To be notified when Mamas Sacred Circle™ commences in 2018, please send through a message here.

ONLINE: While we would love to have in-person Mamas Sacred Circle™ available everywhere, unfortunately at this point in time we cannot (but hopefully, possible in the future). In the meantime an online space is being set up. To be notified when this online Mama community is launched sign up here.